A car refers to a motor vehicle that has wheels and is used for transportation. Cars are costly and are therefore an important investment. Owning a car requires a lot of input to ensure it stays reliable by preventing breakdowns. It is necessary for the individual to follow a regular routine for maintenance to help the extension of the car’s life and keep its performance at its peak. Maintaining the car will reduce expenditure with regards to repairs.

Tips to care for and maintain cars

Drive carefully

The individual should avoid accelerating the car’s engine during start-up because this makes the engine wear out. Acceleration should be done at a slow pace when the individual begins the drive. Thereafter, he or she should shift to neutral when they come to a red light so as to let the engine rest. By doing all this, it will take the individual a long time before they need to take the car to be repaired.

Clean the car at least once a week

Cleaning the car leaves the car free from corrosion, clean and shiny. Its interior should also be washed and vacuumed thoroughly. This is because of the abrasive nature of dirt particles and the corrosive nature of liquids. The lenses on the dashboard should be wiped using a soft damp cloth. The mats should be removed and brushed to remove the dirt that can cause them to wear. If the mats are washed they should be dried thoroughly in the sun before being returned inside the car.

Get the car waxed

The individual should get the car waxed on a regular basis. Waxing protects the paint job done on the car. This happens through the slow oxidation of the paint and the creation of a barrier. The barrier helps against pollution and bird droppings. Waxing makes the car look appealing.

Park the car in the shade

It is advisable to park one’s car in the shade to prevent interior damage. Such damage to the car’s paint job is the result of exposure to UV rays. In an instance where a shaded area is unavailable, it is important to improvise to reduce the impact of the sun.

Regularly change the engine oil and filter

The individual car owner should know the importance of increasing the interval between oil changes. This is important especially in maintaining a car that has been used. Frequently changing the engine oil flushes out abrasive dirt and existing metal particles from the engine. This prolongs the engine life. The oil filters contain an accumulation of oil and dirt particles and therefore a change is important to prevent it from mixing with the new oil which is clean.